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Asi Lifshitz
VP R&D, The Vtool

I've been using qb Systems services for the past 7 years in 3 different companies (Sigma Designs, Veriest and currently Vtool). I am a demanding customer and I must admit that qb Systems are not only highly-professional, but they are always willing to listen, to improve, to explain and to justify actions...”

Hagai Arbel
Founder and Chairman, Veriest

Being accessible from everywhere and  keeping most secure qb Systems’ solution enabled us to concentrate on core business by streamlining & automating tasks with zero ramp up time and nearly 100% uptime while optimizing our expenses with a flexible pay-as-you-go scheme...”

Tomer Ben David
CEO and VP R&D, Rocketick
(now part of Cadence)

qb Systems folks were always eager to find the optimal solution for any challenge in the most suitable and tech savvy manner...

Eli Kurin
COO, Annapurna Labs
(currently Amazon Division)

“We have worked with qb Systems for a long time which spanned our growth from a bootstrap startup to a subsidiary of Amazon. At all stages qb Systems engineers delivered solutions addressing our needs at that particular moment. They were always efficient, timely, cost-effective and left some space for future growth and tuning. A very fruitful journey, indeed!”

Ofer Yarom
R&D Operations at Skyfence
(now Imperva Skyfence)

“qb Systems team has been a pleasure both on the personal level and the professional one. Challenges and changes were addressed with enthusiasm and a desire to assist...”