About us

qb Systems is a reliable and innovative provider of IT and Infrastructure solutions and services. We offer customer-tailored designs and cost effective implementation in all aspects of IT operations: from planning, budgeting and deployment to maintenance, support and optimization.

We are a team of seasoned IT professionals who have extensive expertise and several decades of combined experience in the field. Our client portfolio is diverse because we strive to connect with people: established high tech industry leaders, fledgling startups, companies and organizations from the “traditional” industrial and public sectors.

Our accumulated knowledge stretches far and wide spanning systems engineering, state-of-the-art networking, virtualization and storage, security, virtualization, DevOps and project management. We offer specialized tailored solutions for semiconductor design and software development companies.

We like it when our customers present a range of requirements and seemingly opposing objectives.

Problems inspire us to find solutions:

• How to create a result that is both high-end and cost-effective?
• Where does the trade-off between ultimate performance and optimum functionality lie?
• What does it take to guarantee both swift response time and continuous support?
• Have you ever wondered about the true distance between different workflows, processes and priority lists? Some need “deadline over substance”, some require “smooth operation over budget”, just to name a few.
• How does one unite the corporate conservative approach with the need for agile change? Or the frenzied dynamism of the “startup culture” with the desire to keep things stable and reliable?

After tackling these questions for many years we have come up with many practical answers, resulting in many success stories along the way.


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