qb-Cloud is an affordable, flexible and scalable Cloud based solutions that cover both Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) use cases.




We create and deploy environments tailored for specialized domains and optimized for high performance tasks. Ready-made solutions exist for the Semiconductor Design and Software Development industry segments. We can offer general purpose application hosting and customize the setup for each case.

We provide fully managed, controlled and secured environments in the  Cloud, which are by design accessible from anywhere, easily monitored and highly available.

Our ready-to-go infrastructure ensures close-to-zero ramp-up time. Comprehensive support & maintenance packages are built upon the best industry practices and cutting edge evolving methodologies. Extensive knowledge base of procedures, issues, requests, use cases etc. address most of the everyday  problems and help to keep our response  and resolution time to a minimum.

Built for collaboration, accessible from anywhere with superior security in mind:

High bandwidth symmetrical access from anywhere

Stateful inspection firewall, Client-to-site VPN , Site-to-site VPN, Certificate access, One-time password access, Intrusion prevention systems, Optional data encryption

Comprehensive management:

Hardware infrastructure management layer, Batch/Cluster management tools, Data center physical & environmental control

Carrier grade infrastructure built for High availability (uptime):

Redundant air conditioning , electricity & internet connectivity, N+1 standby components, Data management, snapshotting & replication, Easy data retrieval for further usage

Data/environment liberation guaranteed

Guaranteed confidentiality

Any-time access

Clear transition path to on premise infrastructures