Our approach

We are constantly striving to narrow the gap between the "Old IT" (conservative) and the "New IT" (innovative). New technologies with ever-expanding possibilities are being born at a breathtaking pace and the need to stay on top of things and maintain full control of quality and stability of the operations is a must.  To remain agile,  companies need to seamlessly connect these two worlds, two approaches and two patterns of reasoning.

qb Systems started 20 years ago with traditional IT consulting and progressed to cloud-based solutions and complex InHouse environments that are flexible enough to accommodate a constant stream of change and up-to-date agile practices.

We accurately foresaw the change of trends in the markets and technologies, both globally and within the relevant domains.

So we know firsthand how to bridge the gap, how to make solutions sustainable for the long range while preserving good old fashioned values such as friendly customer support and providing Help Desk SLA (Service Level Agreement) (guaranteed response and resolution times).  We are able  to smoothly integrate new innovations while maintaining reliability by finding the right  balance of the conservative and the disruptive approaches.

We enable  our customers to function on both planes while letting their employees on all levels to  be focused on core business in order to yield maximum value, with no compromises when scaling up or out, when shifting computational paradigms, when adding new functional requirements, when setting improved performance goals.

We operate with the belief that “knowledge shared is power multiplied” and as a result  are happy to  share our expertise, best practices and experience with our clients.