qb-InHouse provides cost effective solutions on the premises. We  apply our best practices in order to achieve a high level of effectiveness of InHouse operations for those who require it, where and when it is needed.



There is a broad class of companies that are not allowed or rather prefer not to move their data center off-site or to delegate its management to an external agent. Instead they insist on keeping all IT operations InHouse.

For some it is because of strict security or regulatory requirements (e.g. medical, financial or government related data, corporate compliance requirements). Some require physical proximity to the servers because their company’s mandate for routine development or business tasks requires it. (e.g. hardware development, compatibility testing or certification labs). Some have relatively well defined long-term plans and engagements which make InHouse deployments attractive such as the amortization of costs, fuller control over functionality and greater flexibility in maintenance.

Special needs, limitations and particular situations abound and we are keen to address them by proposing a reasonable and widely appealing SLA and guaranteeing very high flexibility.

One of the primary concerns in most of these cases is how to integrate the IT infrastructure with the ongoing R&D activity related to the core business. The optimal solution is to make the IT infrastructure an integral part of the core business processes, sometime a critical part of its product cycle. Sometimes ready-made closed solutions do exist, but more often it is required that they be painstakingly designed and gradually built.

qb-InHouse solutions strive to meet the above requirements and constraints. This  spares lots of resources and shortens time-to-market without compromising quality. This usually becomes quite apparent with mission critical issues such as Security and Storage, but the truth is that many smaller and less conspicuous concerns and decision points may become just as important.


One stop shop approach

Project management orientation


Build to scale

Addressing security threads priorities on budget

Stateful inspection firewall, Client-to-site VPN , Site-to-site VPN

Certificate Access, One-time password access, Intrusion prevention systems

Optional data encryption

Right Sizing

Capacity planning

Reasonable /cost effective infrastructure

High availability solutions

N+1 standby components


Storage/Data management

Storage sizing & design

Data snapshotting, replication

Monitoring & Alerting

Periodic checkups  & status reports

S/W Development environment support

Configuration management

Batch/DRM management tools

Performance management & troubleshooting

Front End workstations management

Added value Open-source development tools

Guaranteed confidentiality



qb-Cloud / EDA

qb-Cloud / EDA

qb-Cloud / EDA