qb-Cloud / SWDev

qb-Cloud / SWDev provides a ready-to-go working environment that is tailored for Software Development workflows. It is  functionally rich and highly customizable.

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qb-InHouse / SWDev

qb-InHouse / SWDev provides cost effective flexible on the premises solutions tailored for the special needs of Software Development. It is a good match for companies having sophisticated lab or data center setups with relatively predictable long term scale. Such companies usually require physical access to the servers and might be concerned about the Security and Intellectual Property aspects of the R&D process.

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qb-Cloud / Hosting


qb-Cloud / Hosting provides a ready-to-go environment for catering Software as a Service (SaaS). It delivers your applications from within the Cloud through a customizable, secure, reliable and highly available Application Hosting with simple deployment, configuration and maintenance procedures. Simply put, this is a general purpose environment intended for a broad range of domains, applications and services.

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